Thursday, 28 May 2015

My top tip

We have been learning key broad shortcuts on our Chromebooks. we want to become smart users so we can be cybersmart digital learners.     

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Private John Simpson has been shot

Gallipoli Peninsula
28 April 1915

Dear my family,  Private John Simpson has been shot and I tried to help but it was too late I had to get to cover then I saw him laying on the ground his last words were save my donkey I did not know what to do I panicked his donkey was in cover and he said  to me go! I tried to provide him cover but when I looked back his head was lying on the ground so I ran to cover so fast my legs were sore.
I hope to see you soon from Curtis

My Welcoming

Hi I’m Curtis I am a year 6 and go to Ruapotaka Primary School.  I am Maori and my favorite subject is writing.  I like eating McDonald's and I like watching movies with my friends and family members. I like free running with my   cousin and I am a good rugby player, so watch out. My goal is to be B.T.B. (better than before) and contribute with other members in my class. I have really cool friends. Curtis stands - for caring, unbelievable, radical, talented, inspiration, smart. thanks for listening and I hope you like my blog enjoy!.